My first taped audition @ SAG-AFTRA

Below are stills from my first audition that I taped at SAG-AFTRA. I had so much fun working on this. It was the best example of, how Tim Phillips says it in his book: “Audition for your career, not the job.”

First of all, I LOVED reading the script, and then working on the French accent and this character was fantastic. I learned so much just from doing this audition. I am very grateful for the opportunity. Big #shoutout to my manager Rosella Olson for getting me the audition and to the #sagaftrafoundation ! #whatablast #gratefulfortheopportunity #audition #sagaftra #sagfilm #featurefilm #greatscript #funcharacter #sagaftramember #unionactor @ SAG-AFTRA NY

Performing for clean water

Get rid of all your plastic disposable bottles!

Today I worked together with ‘t Klokhuis and the Dopper Company to inspire the children of the YMCA through performance theater to be gentle to life on earth and the oceans and to stop using so many plastic disposable bottles and plastic bags. I wrote a short script for a puppet show and I got my inspiration from the Dutch book “Stella and Stinky and the plastic soup” by Christine Algera.  #dopperbottle #plasticbridgeproject #cleanwater #savetheearth #savetheoceans #noplastic #childrenstheatre #performing #tklokhuis #artistslife #environment

Research for my new play

I am doing research for my new play about an old subject: Einstein’s daughter. I wrote The Story of The Einstein Girl many many years ago in 2011. Now I am writing a completely new play based on mysteries around the daughter of Albert Einstein.

Many fascinations of mine meet again. #goingbackintime . Inspired by my own Master’s thesis that I wrote in 2009, the Amazon Prime / National Geographic series Genius and by Michele Zackheim’s Einstein’s Daughter, I will go on this creative writing journey.  I am very excited to be writing a full length script again, for the first time in years. #feelingnostalgic #studentlife #flowoftime #physics #relativitytheory #cognitivescience #alberteinstein #einsteingirl #persistenceofmemory #salvadordali

Lead role in solo theatre show combined with neon animated film

On to my #nextadventure. I’m so excited to be working with Jack Feldstein on this!

“CARNIVAL OF SOULS: The Neon Animation with Live Action, a collaboration and interaction between a neon animated film by Jack Feldstein and a solo live actress, Annemarie Hagenaars. The film CARNIVAL OF SOULS deals with a totally alienated woman in the world. Mostly in a world of men.”

#carnivalofsouls #soloperformance #neonfilm #pioneers #jackfeldsteinfilms #experimentaltheatre #filmclassic #actorslife #womanalone #alienation #mensworld

Still from the neon film created by Jack Feldstein from the original CARNIVAL OF SOULS (1962)

Role of Tullius Rotundus in production “Romulus The Great”

I am performing in “Romulus the Great” with Yangtze Repertory Theatre at the Mainstage Theatre of The Barrow Group (TBG) in New York, NY.  Romulus The Great is written by Friedrich Dürrenmatt, English Translation by Gerhard Nellhaus, and directed by Chongren Fan.  I play the role of Minister of State, Tullius Rotundus.

I am so grateful to have been working with this fine group of people in the past couple of weeks. And a big thank you to all the wonderful people who came out to see the show and support us. Cal Schwartz from NJ Discover wrote an article about the show and my performance. Read the full article here.

This is the team: I was on stage with Brian J. Alford, Colin Asercion, Byron Clohessy*, Elisa de la Roche*, Ryan Egar, Marcus Crawford Guy, Dana Kreitz*, Christopher McIntyre*, Mark J. Quiles*, Neil Redfield, Michiko Sasaki*, Jim Shankman*, and Sheilagh Weymouth* (*Appearing courtesy of Actors’ Equity Association)

Scenic Designer: Chika Shimizu;  Costume Designer: Karen Boyer;  Lighting Designer: Yi-Chung Chen;  Sound Designer: Joey Wolfslau;  Production Dramaturg: Bindi Kang;  Movement Director: Rourou Ye;  Technical Director: Carl Whipple;  Production Stage Manager: Merrick A.B. Williams*;  Assistant Stage Manager: Kayla Williams;  Casting Director: Wayne Chang;  Producer: Sally Shen;  Associate Producer: Frank Poon

Photo credits: Keith Dong, photographer for Yangtze Repertory Theatre.

Working with Origin Theatre on “A kid like Rishi”

Tonight I performed with Atandwa Kani and Caitlin Cisco with the Origin Theatre Company in the beautifully written play “A Kid like Rishi” by Kees Roorda. The house was packed. What a night! Thank you to Kees Roorda and to director Erwin Maas for this opportunity to work on this amazing piece with these great actors.

#workingwithtopactors #topdirectors #topplaywrights #gratefulforthework #sohappy

This wonderful piece is inspired by the true story of what happened to Dutch citizen Rishi Chandrikasing. “On November 24, 2012, he was shot dead on platform four at The Hague Hollands Spoor by a policeman. He was 17 years old and turned out to be unarmed. A fateful coincidence of circumstances. Playwright Kees Roorda was inspired by the police report with witness reports and interviewed those involved. He processed all this into a series of texts.”

Working @ the famous Actors Studio again

Early this evening I will work on Fred Pezzulli’s play again at the Actors Studio. I am looking forward to continuing to work on the leading role of ELSA in Fred’s exciting play which is currently in development at the Playwright/Directors Workshop at the Actors Studio. Directly after my work there, I will head over to my artistic home The WorkShop Theater Company for an important company meeting with all the members.