Shoot with NYC based photographer Metin Oner

Some results of our shoot last week. Thanks to NYC based photographer Metin Oner!


Voice Over actor for CityVox NY

I am working as a voice over actor for CityVox New York. Thanks to my “Country House” director Richard Van Deusen who sent them my info, I booked a role acitvoxs a Scandinavian woman last week. And this week they called me in to play the part of Svitlana, an Ukrainian woman. I loved working on my Swedish and Russian accents in the past two weeks. It’s been a European accents experience over all in the last few months, playing a Yiddish role, a German role and now these two voice over roles! Yay! I love it.

Part in the NY Haunted Hayride…

Isn’t this something?!
I take the 2 train back home to Brooklyn. I look up and I find myself sitting right in front of this New York Haunted Hayride ad. Funny, because I auditioned for this production a couple of weeks ago.
So I take a picture.
Then, when I get home, it turns out the Casting Director of this show sent me an email at the very moment that I was sitting on that train, to offer me a role in this show!!!
Isn’t that a wonderful spooky coincidence?! Or maybe it isn’t…?! Looking forward to a scary and challenging October Halloween month:

Auditions paying off

A small note in addition to my earlier message that I wrote on Saturday night. I just found out that both auditions I went in for on Saturday paid off. I booked a small role in a feature film that will be shooting in New York at the end of the week. And I booked the role of a Satmar Hasidic woman in a staged reading at the WorkShop Theater Company, on Sunday, September 25, at 6pm. It is a true honor to be working with director Robert Kalfin (yes, google him!!!) on two well-written one act plays by Jack Feldstein (google him too!). I am so grateful for these amazing opportunities. And I want to give a very special thanks to my fabulous acting teacher Alan Gordon who has been working with me preparing for my auditions since I moved to New York and who I can call any day and time for advice!andsoitgoes

Living the Dream – Six Months in NYC

annemariebirthdaynycTonight I biked back home via the West side Bike Path Highway after a great night out, and I realized something that I hadn’t fully realized before. While breathing the warm New York City air and feeling a cooling breeze through my hair, I couldn’t stop smiling. The city was buzzing, people everywhere enjoying nightlife and I inhaled this amazing energy, riding through Meatpacking back to Union Square along the avenues, and zigzagging between the taxis…

And it was then that I realized that in the past six months of my life, I haven’t had a single dream at night that was more exciting than the real life that I have been living since I moved to New York City. Is this it, when they say that you are actually living your dream? When you are exactly there where you wanna be, and doing exactly the thing that you wanna do?annemariebirthdayview
Is it possible to be deeply in love with a city? With all its beauty and ugliness, with all its energy, ambition, weirdness, and crowdedness; a city where I have been so fully living my dream that there is no space left in my head for a dream at night?
I have never felt more alive in my life than in the past six months. I am very grateful to experience what it is to feel like that: to live my dream, and follow my passion. I took a lot of big and risky decisions to be able to live and work as an actor in New York City and I am still taking risks, every day. And life’s going with ups and downs. Not a day is the same. There’s no steadiness at all. No space and time to be comfortable. Life in New York is a hustle, and it is not always fun…
But I have never been working on my craft, been on stage and done paid acting work so intensely in my life as in the past six months in New York City. And it is FANTASTIC! I couldn’t have wished for more, and I would like – once again – to thank all the people in my life who have made it possible for me to take this big step to live and work in the United States of America.
Have a wonderful night everyone and sweet sweet dreams!


Everybody Comes to Rick’s…

Hey everyone!

I just got home from my first rehearsal for CasablancaBox, and it’s fantastic! I’m barely done with my SITI training two week program (last class was on Friday) and now I am very grateful to work with director Reid Farrington – he happens to love working from Viewpoints – and co-director Marina McClure, who has assisted Anne Bogart/SITI Company!!! Can you believe that???
After the SITI workshop, I am so fortunate to go straight into rehearsal for this inspiring stage play, and in less than two weeks I will be on stage at the HERE Arts Center downtown Manhattan, in the role of German Refugee, Hilde!
My new character worked on the movieset of Casablanca in 1942, and she speaks almost entirely German throughout the play. O, I am so excited to be working on the German language and my German accent. Please come and see this piece about the making of Casablanca, in which we not only get to act, but also move and sing!

TICKETS! The suggested donation for the showing is $35 and can be secured HERE . 100% of this goes toward the 2017 production and artistic team.

CONTRIBUTE! If you are unable to attend the shows, but would like to contribute, you can donate any amount to support this incredible project by clicking HERE

Thank you!!!










CasablancaBox – 2 Benefit Work-in-Progress Showings
Written by Sara Farrington
Directed by Reid Farrington

FEATURING: Michael Aurelio/ Roger Casey/ Catherine Gowl/ Annemarie Hagenaars/ Gabriel Hernandez/ Rob Hille/ Yuki Kawahisa/ Toussaint Jeanlouis/ Matt McGloin/ Adam Patterson/ Stephanie Regina/ Gabriella Rhodeen/ Dave Shelley/ Julia Sirna-Frest/ Jon Swain/ Erin Treadway

Collaborating Director: Marina McClure
Choreography by Laura K. Nicoll
Lighting Design by Ayumu Poe Saegusa
Stage Management by Alex West

WHEN: August 27th @ 8:30PM,** August 28th @ 4PM

**Refreshments to follow the performance on August 27th! Stick around!

WHERE: HERE Arts Center, Main Stage, 145 6th Ave. NYC,

NYMF, SITI Company, Williamstown and CasablancaBox

Almost two months after performing The Country House, I’m actually spending the weekend in a country house in The Berkshires right now to catch a breath from all the acting I have been doing since I moved to New York City. I am going to see a play at the one and only Williamstown Theatre Festival: I can’t believe that after doing all that research for the role of Nell McNally, I’m now actually here!!!13882213_1136492909744312_1903862495044299151_n

I have never been busier with acting in my life! I am so thankful. I can very happily say that it has been crazy busy the last couple of weeks. So it’s nice to have the opportunity to leave the concrete jungle behind for one weekend, and be in nature to recharge the batteries.

After the NYMF show closed last Thursday, we had a great after party with the wonderful people I met during my time at Lisa & Leonardo. Then after the weekend, I have dived into a very physically challenging and demanding Suzuki and Viewpoints training this past week and we’re continuing next week. After the SITI training is done – on my birthday, August 12th – I will go straight into rehearsal on August 15th to work on a show called CasablancaBox about the making of the famous movie Casablanca. Yesterday I have been offered a role in this awesome large project, and I can’t wait to start working on a new role! I am so excited. The first shows are August 27th and 28th! I’ll keep you posted. For now, good night from a beautiful and quiet house in The Berkshires, Massachusetts!!!


THE COUNTRY HOUSE closed; some pictures by Ching Juhl

June 12th was the last day of the run of THE COUNTRY HOUSE. I definitely miss the show and the wonderful cast and crew. Gladly, photographer Ching Juhl took some great pictures to remember what a pleasure it was to be Nell McNally in this production.


THE COUNTRY HOUSE opening this Thursday May 26th in Manhattan!

While still recovering from last night’s premiere of WHO’S JENNA…?, I would like to share with you that this Thursday May 26th, The Morningside Players production of THE COUNTRY HOUSE opens. In this fantastically written Donald Margulies play, I am playing the role of Nell McNally (the intelligent, inscrutable and beautiful new actress-girlfriend of Walter Keegan). I have so much fun rehearsing – almost everyday – with this wonderful cast and crew. Please come and see the show. We run May 26th to June 12th, on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings at 7:30PM and Sunday matinees at 3PM, in Morningside Heights, Manhattan. You can buy your tickets via:
I hope to see you at the show!The-Country-House-poster-medium