Performing at the award ceremony for Adelheid Roosen

Such a great honor to perform a piece from The Veiled Monologues yesterday at the Gilder/Coigney International Theatre Award Ceremony for Adelheid Roosen | FE. In the past week we celebrated the work of this very special, powerful and inspiring theatre woman. I feel so grateful to got to know Adelheid and her work. She is a beautiful, sweet, openhearted and caring soul. We got a little peek into her adoption method. Thank you to Katrin Hilbe, to the League of Professional Theatre Women, and to The Graduate Center, CUNY. And above all: Thank you, lieve Adelheid, and congratulations!

double role in stage adaptation of novel ISAAC by Robert Karmon

I just finished reading a novel that I would recommend to anyone: ISAAC by Robert Karmon. I read the novel as part of the research for a double role that I am working on for the next few weeks. Robert Karmon is also a playwright and he adapted his novel to the stage play “The Resettlement of Isaac” in which I will play two of the lead roles. We will perform it at the third annual Jewish Film Festival in Southampton on August 21st, directed by Robert Kalfin (founder New York’s Chelsea Theatre Center, winner of five Tony Awards, four Tony nominations and 21 Obie Awards).

I am truly astonished by Karmon’s book. In Dutch we have an expression that says: “This book reads like a train”. And it means that you can’t put it down once you start reading. It is exactly what happened to me.

Karmon’s novel is inspired by the true-life story of Isaac Gochman, a 16 year old Polish Jew, who looses all his family and friends in one night stripped, shot to death and buried by the Nazis in an endless trench. Miraculously Isaac survives the slaughter and when he wakes up he finds himself among the dead bodies of over 20,000 Jews. Then his incredible journey of survival in the Polish forest begins. For months he travels by himself with whatever the woods have to offer. Then he adopts a new identity and he joins the Russian Partisan Brigade where he becomes a hero and falls in love for the first time. ISAAC is a beautiful story about survival, courage and love. For more information on the novel check it out here.

If you happen to be in the Hamptons on August 21st, come out and see the staged play reading at 7pm. For more details and information, click here.

Audio clips from Radiotheatre’s Edgar Allan Poe fest

Today I finally had some time to listen back to Wes Shippee’s recordings of Radiotheatre’s stories from the Edgar Allan Poe Fest in which I performed last May.  Below you’ll find the clips from two different Poe stories I did: Morella and The Oval Portrait.  Adapted by Dan Bianchi, recorded by Wes Shippee and remixed by Paulo Coelho.  Have fun listening.





On Stage in Reading of Chez Rikers starring Penny Fuller and Tony Roberts

What a last minute surprise to be on stage yesterday working with this fantastic cast in the world premiere reading of Charles Leipart’s brilliant new play “Chez Rikers, an Urban Fable”, starring Tony Roberts, Penny Fuller, Fenton Li, Raf Nadal, Sen Enver and Gloria Sauve. In addition to assisting the director Richard Sterne, I also got to read the stage directions during the performance. Thank you to Richard and Charles for this wonderful opportunity.

Being on set full time for a week!

I am in the middle of an exciting and busy week of filming. I shot my second SAG-AFTRA job in New Jersey, in the role of Dr. Schmidt. Then off to the filmset of “Karma” shooting 4 days in a gorgeous Catholic Church in Queens and then in upstate New York near Woodstock. The location upstate is breathtakingly beautiful. Janis Joplin used to come here all the time. There’s even a meditation trail that goes into the woods and there’s an outdoor shower :-). Enjoying my time here on location.