Performing in Lee Blessing’s “Eleemosynary” upstate NY

What a true honor to be on stage with this wonderful and generous human being, and incredibly experienced and accomplished actor and director Marnie Andrews! Thank you Marnie for sharing with me this fantastically written play “Eleemosynary” by Lee Blessing. We were on fire tonight, telling the story of three generations of women. Starla, you were great as my daughter. What a Blessing indeed! And the audience loved it. They were laughing and crying. This is why I became an actress, to have moments like these, to feel the fire, the passion, the greatness of an extraordinary play and beautiful actors to work with, and audiences that are so giving! Thank you Kingston for this truly unforgettable experience!

Opening night “Carnival of Souls: Neon Animation + Live Action” @ Dixon Place

Performing a new show for the first time in front of an audience is always both exciting and stressful. Especially this show. I have never worked on and performed something like “Carnival of Souls: Neon Animation with Live Action”. It is not only a one woman show, it is also very experimental and new. The Never Been Done Before Ever In The World kinda thing. After weeks of rehearsals in the dark with no one but Jack Feldstein – who wrote the script, neon animated the film and directed the piece – to see it, look at it and comment on it, it was so extremely special and beautiful to perform it in front of an audience late last night at Dixon Place in Manhattan.


What a great day it was! The whole day including tech rehearsal when we found out the beauty of the possibilities we had at Dixon Place. What an amazing theater. I want to thank Dixon Place and I want to thank you, the very special audience who saw our new, strange and experimental piece for the first time. Thank you to all of you who were there: Paulo, Jac, Barbara, Richard, Thirsa, Olivia and more. Thank you very very much for your support!

Lead role in “One Woman’s Story” @ The Workshop Theater

On Sunday, October 21 I will play the lead role of Elsa Cromer in:


by Fred Pezzulli

A Sundays@Six Series Reading in The Jewel Box Theater

Photographer Paulo Coelho and Photo Artwork by Annemarie Hagenaars

A young girl from Indiana in 1938 goes to Europe in search of adventure. She undergoes many adventures beginning with a shipboard romance on the way to France and ending seven years later with the fall of Berlin.


No Reserved Seating! Seating is on a first come, first served basis. Please arrive early to ensure seating.


Annemarie Hagenaars
Robert Baumgardner*
J. Warren Weber*
Katie Braden
Charles E. Gerber*
Joseph Franchini*
Ben Sumrall*
Anne Fizzard*
Allison Linker*
Robert Meksin*

* Appears courtesy of Actors Equity Association

Moderator: Jed Dickson

Performing Carnival of Souls, Oct 12 @ Dixon Place NYC

Annemarie Hagenaars and Jack Feldstein are excited to announce that CARNIVAL OF SOULS: THE NEON ANIMATION with LIVE ACTION will be presented at Dixon Place Mainstage, 161A Chrystie St, for a late night show 10pm on Oct 12th, Friday.

In this #metoo era, the show re-imagines the cult hit CARNIVAL OF SOULS, as a contemporary statement about women today.

The performance is live theater (Annemarie Hagenaars) interacting with a neon animated version of CARNIVAL OF SOULS, the renown 1960’s cult hit.

Tickets are only $12 with your ID NYC card or your Student Card or else $15 and can be reserved here:

Hope to see you on October 12 in the theater!

Sneak peek into first rehearsals of #carnivalofsouls with Jack Feldstein at WorkShop Theater . Less than two weeks before our first presentation on stage at Dixon Place . Also looking forward to our residency at Sitting Shotgun later this fall. I’m very #grateful to these wonderful #theaterproduction houses that give #experimental #theatermakers a place to develop their work. Photographer Geo Geller.

@ That Physics Show

Having fun with my new special glasses to discover the spectra of light sources. #nofilter

Thank you 🙏 to Dave Maiullo for inviting me to his That Physics Show this afternoon that has been running for 3 years Off Broadway. Things I said to myself watching the show: “Wow, so cool! Amazing! Awesome! I’ve never seen that before! O, I didn’t know that!”

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@ Theaterlab NYC

What a #magical place. An #allwhite box. The walls. The floor. The benches. The chairs. The #artisticcommunity has a very #international vibe, a #welcome #theatrical home. The #fallseason #homecoming is dedicated to the beautiful artist Linda Olthof. Yesterday I saw the show Magdalena, a story by Gabri Christa, directed by Erwin Maas and design and dramaturgy by Guy de Lancey. #feelinggrateful for being part of this artistic community in #nyc and I am #thankful to so many people for that! #artistslife #TheaterLab #NewYorkCity @ Theaterlab

Look back on The Story of The Einstein Girl

Great to catch up with my former acting coach and director Michael Luggio today. We worked together on the first #americanversion of #thestoryoftheeinsteingirl more than 6 years ago. This is us in rehearsal in April 2012. #actingcoach #inspiration #rehearsal #show #nyclife #director #einsteingirl #onewomanshow #physics #einstein #theolddays #brunette #lookingback #actingisliving #livingonstage #greatmemories #actorslife


Cosmology and Constellations

‘“Time,” I mean what on earth are they even talking about?’
Working on a scene from Constellations by Nick Payne. Striking how themes from my own life clearly come together in this play.  Image by @hubblespacetelescope .

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