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The Story of The Einstein Girl

A few examples of reactions from physicists and teachers to the show:

“For wEinsteinMeisje_webhom knows nothing about physics, the show is about identity, duality of existences, time’s paradox, abandonment. I think that young people can relate to the themes in the play. Who does know something about physics, will see: the absolute time horizon, uncertainty principle, Schrodinger’s cat, etc.…”

Hagenaars is a professional actress with a moving story…

The actress is an interesting role model who connects the exacts sciences with the arts.”

“Your show was amazing. Intelligent is how you did it. You make difficult physical concepts visual.”

“[…] Very impressive […] beautiful that physics and (theatrical)feeling are put together, while I think of it as two very distant aspects of life: it is the one or the other. I even read the book. I noticed that your story is complementary to the book; the individual process of the girl. Nicely done. […] You use beautiful metaphors from Quantum Mechanics. It would be good if your show gets the attention from more teachers, especially now Quantum Mechanics will become part of the curriculum at secondary schools.

“I really enjoyed your show at the WND Conference! I liked: – the combination of physics and theater; – that it showed a different way of explaining the well-known, but ill-understood foundations of physics; – that you make scientists more human by telling a story that grabs people by the throat; – the amazingly skilled and emotional acting work: the audience is being drawn into the world of the story.”

“Impressive, several parts are very intense […] such a show, when prepared very well and followed by an after talk, seems to be a valuable contribution to the educational program.”

“Beautiful piece!”

“This morning I saw your show at the Woudschoten Conference. My compliments to you on the wonderful performance.”

“At the Woudschoten Physics Conference last Saturday morning I experienced the show about The Einstein Girl (read on Hagenaars’ website, ). Deeply touched in my heart, finally physics and emotion come together in my heart at a conference with colleagues, after searching for more than 30 years. Finally there’s feeling in physics. Thank you, Annemarie!

“A story like gravity, you’re pulled in and you don’t want to get out!”